These are the key traits of successful Latinas that are shaping our nation today: a willingness to be visible in the workplace by demonstrating her skills, knowledge and leadership so that she gets noticed. A strong comfort with her identity as a Latina—whether she is an immigrant, first generation or someone with a diverse mix of cultures. A remarkable determination not to be discouraged by the headwinds that come with being a woman of color and to keep moving forward with her personal vision. And, a strong willingness to take action, step up and take charge of all the various facets of her career and her life. These remarkable qualities that can empower Latinas to lead in any organization or community and to live a fulfilling life—VIDA!

Mission & Values

The mission of LatinaVIDA is to empower and equip Latina professionals to overcome systemic workplace barriers through culturally relevant leadership programs.

Values are Integrity, Collaboration, Diversity, Inclusion, Authenticity, Ganas (perseverance).