Membership Guidelines

Companies/Organizations are encouraged to apply for membership with the Women of Color in Engineering Collaborative.

Organizations applying for membership acknowledge that they support the mission and strategic plan of the WCEC. Members of the WCEC are expected to:

  • Contribute resources to be shared across the collaborative.
  • Participate in efforts to provide data-driven evidence of the impact of DEI efforts.
  • Identify a representative who will commit to participate in WCEC member meetings and any programmatic activities.

Membership is open to professional societies and academic, industry, and government organizations that include engineers in their membership or workforce.

Organizations must be headquartered in the U.S. or have a strong member or employee base in the U.S.

Information to be collect when applying for membership.

  • Organization name, description, Twitter profile link (optional), Linkedin profile link (optional)
  • Agreement of support for the WCEC mission and strategic plan
  • Contact name, title, email, phone (optional)
Note: Membership is for companies and organizations. Individual membership is not currently available.