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Our Vision

An inclusive workplace where Women of Color thrive.

The vision of the Women of Color in Engineering Collaborative is for women of color to feel a sense of belonging and to be fully included in engineering; for them to thrive and be valued as their authentic selves, empowering them to fully use their strengths to lead in positions of influence, innovate in their field, mentor and champion others.

Asian woman engineer in a white hard hat at work.Muslim woman engineer at work.Black woman engineer at work.
Our Mission

Help create inclusive environments for Women of Color in engineering.

Our mission is to work cooperatively to provide the resources that organizations need to create a supportive, encouraging, and inclusive environment for WOC in engineering.

Inspiring Leaders

Headshot image of Niyati Tamaskar

“My story is a culmination of epic fumbles, brilliant coincidences, extraordinary twists of fate, and divine intervention. It is the story of an immigrant, an engineer, a wife, and a mother. But more importantly, it is the story of a cancer survivor.”

Niyati Tamaskar

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Headshot image of Niyati Tamaskar

"I chose to be a Civil Engineer because I want to change the world! I studied engineering at UCLA. With this degree, I knew I could go anywhere in the world and be able to contribute to the safe delivery of clean water to people and to protect our environment."

Evelyn Cortez-Davis, P.E.

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Headshot image of Niyati Tamaskar

“Don't put limits on what you think you can achieve and in fact, don't be afraid to think that you CAN achieve that very thing and go even further.”

Aisha Bowe

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We are gathering a collection of resources about the unique issues and opportunities that WOC encounter within industry.

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