Bianca McCartt

GE Aviation

Bianca McCartt currently serves as the Talent Pipeline Development Leader for the Engineering Division where she is responsible for the strategy to engage with external engineering associations for GE Aviation. Bianca has a passion for the technical career growth of engineers, inclusion and mentoring, and a drive to implement process improvements.

Bianca joined GE in 2004 on the Aviation Edison Engineering Development Program. Through her career she has woven together a variety of technical experiences in turbine airfoils, CDN, structures design, and systems integration with rewarding opportunities to support the advancement of fellow engineers. Bianca first joined the Technical Capability Development team in 2014 where she was responsible for deploying programs and resources to empower engineers through technical growth and advancement. She later led the effort to implement parallel processes in the Aviation Supply Chain including serving as the leader of the Technical Talent Review.

Bianca graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. She has been a SWE member for over 20years and recently became a SWE Life Member. She also on the SWE Senate (FY21-FY23) and is an active member of SHPE. She previously served as a co-lead of the SWE Latinos Affinity Group, as President of South Ohio SWE andUniversity of Kentucky SWE, and on the SWE Council of Representatives.

Outside work, Bianca enjoys spending time with her husband Shawn and their small menagerie of animals. You can also find her scuba diving with sharks and creating artwork based on her experiences underwater. She will also happily tell you about the latest book she is reading or podcast she is listening to given half a chance.